Site Reloader


1. User Profile

Every signed user of the application has his profile saved on the server. We store only link to the user's Google Account and his SiteReloader settings.

1.a. Signing in

To sign in please click the link in the upper right corner of the main page or the one from the Add new window dialog. After clicking the link you should be redirected to your standard Google Account login page where you can provide your credentials. After successfull signing in you would be redirected back to the SiteReloader main page and your window lists stored on the server will be shown. In the current version of the application, we don't store window lists added in the annonymous session.

1.b. Signing out

When you are signed in, use link in the upper right corner to sign out. The site will be reloaded and you will become annonymous user.

1.c. Why should I sign in?

First of all, when you are not signed in, your window list is not saved anywhere, so when you close the SiteReloader window and then reopen it, you will have to add all your website windows again. Secondly, as an annonymous user you can't have more than one list of windows.

2. Window List

All windows added to the application are grouped into window lists. Window lists help you organize your reloadings. You can have multiple list (for now maximum 5) and enable or disable them any time you want so only few of them are opened and reloaded.

2.a. Adding a new window list

By default, you have one window list named Default. It contains all reload windows that you have added to your account till now. Window lists are represented by tabs. To add a new window list press the button on the right most tab. You'll be prompted for new list name and reload mode. Window list name must contain only letters or digits. About reload mode you can read in the section below.

2.b. Window list options

There are two parameters that identify window list: its name and reload mode. Name must contain letters or digits and should not be longer than 20 characters. Reload mode specify the way that the windows in the list are reloaded. When you choose multi-window mode, every window from the list will have its own browser popup/tab in which it will be reloaded at specified rate. In the site-show mode, windows from the user list are reloaded periodically in a single browser tab. The reload rate in this mode, defines how long a site will be displayed before being replaced by next page from the list.

2.c. Enabling/Disabling window list

From the window list menu (that is located below the tabs) you can disable the list. After pressing this button all opened borwser popups/tabs for the list windows will be closed and the window list tab will become grayed. Windows from the disabled list won't be reloaded until you enable this list again. To enable list press enable list button. Your window list tab should become blue and the reloading process should restart.

2.d. Removing window list

When you now longer need your window list you can remove the window list using the remove list button from the window list menu. After the window list is removed you can't restore it.

3. Reload Window

Reload window represents the reloaded browser popup/tab. It is defined by the website url, reload rate and open mode.

3.a. Adding new window to the window list

To add a new window to the selected window list, click the add website link in the window list menu. You will be prompted for a website url, a reload rate and an open mode. Website url must be valid internet url, following protocols are supported: http(s), ftp, gopher, telnet, file, notes, ms-help. If no protocol provided, http is chosen.

3.b. Reload rate

Reload rate defines how often given window will be reloaded in the browser popup/tab. You can specify either number of hours, number of minutes, number of seconds or all of them together. The valid reload rates are for example: 1m 20s, 1h 20m 3s, 20s, 3s, 123.

3.c. Open mode

This parameter defines how the website should be opened in the browser. If you choose in-tab option, the application will try to open website in the browser tab. If you choose in-window option, the website will be opened in a new browser popup. In both cases you must disable browser's popup blocker to make application work. For more information please refer to your borwser's help.

Known issues

When adding new reload windows (also when application starts) on some browsers, focus goes to an opened browser popup/tab (#v7-issue001).

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